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(Google) Unionizing: A resurging trend?

In a previous post, I wrote about ATEAC (Google’s external advisory board for AI projects) and the mysterious circumstances behind it being dismantled. In somewhat related (and unprecedented) news, two employees at Google just announced Alphabet Workers Union (AWU)— their attempt at holding the company more ethically accountable. In an Op-Ed via the New York Times, this union was formallyContinue reading “(Google) Unionizing: A resurging trend?”

The race to trace: How Big Tech raced to develop Coronavirus tracing apps

For years policymakers and privacy watchdogs have feared the power Big Tech wields with its vast collection of user data. Yet, these tech giants were given the go-ahead to spearhead the contact tracing apps that many government predominantly use to identify and notify all those who come in contact with a carrier. At a timeContinue reading “The race to trace: How Big Tech raced to develop Coronavirus tracing apps”


A lot of scholars and other esteemed academicians are already discussing AGI and its future and here is our attempt at amalgamating some of these resources.


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