No Brainer: Effect of AGI on careers

With the progress that AGI is making, the fear of people losing their jobs to machines has increased tremendously in the past few years. AGI may prove to be the culmination of what some people know and fear: losing their jobs.

“In almost every occupation, there are at least some tasks that could be affected, but there are also many tasks in every occupation that won’t. That said, some occupations do have relatively more tasks that are likely to be affected by machine learning,”

Erik Brynjolfsson (MIT professor)

First wave: repetition

First, AGI will mostly replace repetitive rubric based tasks like per say record keeping. Though its adoption will face some opposition, it can reach a stage where machines can outperform even multiple humans at a fraction of the cost. For companies and even countries to object to this will leave them in the dust. That day will be coming soon and if AGI is able to complete more and more complex tasks then it can replace at least the run of the mill jobs.

To name of a few jobs that we won’t likely see in the future headed by humans:

  • Telemarketing
  • Receptionists
  • Bookkeeping
  • Couriers
  • Cashier
  • Accountants

This reflects about hundreds of millions of jobs. Already forms of narrow AI are able to perform these tasks because they don’t require too much skill, just some form of repetition or doing a task within a set of well-defined actions; all of which is reproducible in code and not necessarily human labour.

Second wave: data-backed decision

The next sphere of jobs that AGI can revamp are those which require more than one set of actions to be performed. Say an action needs to done based on a judgement, AGI can take over here too. With its immense data-crunching capabilities, AGI can process the data it captures from its surrounding to suggest or do an action. Some examples include- Security guards, assistants, event planning and much more. For these set of occupations, humans take decisions based on predominantly data (and sometimes what they feel), one would argue that machines make data-based decisions far better than humans, which is why it’s a no-brainer to replace humans with machines in this instance. However, a lacking trust is likely to slow down this adoption, as many won’t be likely to leave the fate of their security upto some robot.

Another example of a job that can be replaced and made more efficient is one that is mentioned in our article including our interview with experts in the field of healthcare and AI. Radiology is a profession that is frequently in the crosshairs, as numerous AI applications have proven to be more effective and efficient in medical scan images. This job is one in which 26 distinct tasks associated with it, and whilst analysing medical images is well suited to AI, interpersonal skills are currently not.

The Bottom Line

The essence of the AI/AGI revolution is automation, to make our lives easier. Robotic takeover will mean the death of some jobs but also, more importantly, the birth of new opportunities. Firstly, intelligence needs human ingenuity, people are still needed to create these machines, that is a void to fill. Sadly, people will need to fall back to their skill of adapting, self-educating and surviving to bounce back. Whatever the future holds, with possibilities of such drastic changes to human employment, it may be time to consider solutions like UBI (Universal Basic Income) to sustain the human race.

As we wonder what jobs aren’t turned upside down, it seems somewhat apparent that creative jobs won’t be hurt. This might mean that the human race make a shift towards creative occupations, one that prove to be enlightening and fulfilling.

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