While Artificial General Intelligence has great potential, the field is still vastly undiscovered due to a plethora of reasons. Firstly, it lacks enough skilled personnel but this will soon change as the current wave of people are gearing up for jobs in this sector.  

This field also sees limited funding, with the greatest amount being $2 million by Elon Musk to Future of Life Institute (FLI). Investors are much like sheep but they need a signal by any leader for the pack to follow. This means that once a big investor publicly recognizes AGI as a viable sector to invest in, then money will flow into the field. While AI is seeing billions of dollars poured in it, AGI is yet to see such numbers.

Another reason for the field to be so untouched is partly credited to the fact that it is relatively new but also that there lacks appropriate training to take up a job in this sector. This mainly is there because of conceptual limitations in the field. There aren’t enough scholars in the field, and those who are, usually are busy undertaking their own research. 

Since this is a relatively new sector, the following issues limit AGI’s progress. They are:

  1. Understanding concepts – Current AI has a hard time mapping real-life objects to concepts and further how this relates to the greater scheme of things.  
  2. Transfer learning – When people learn something, they are usually able to apply the same concept on similar activities. This is the next step to the previous problem. There similarity identification is the problem, here similar mapping and usage is the problem.
  3. One shot learning – While people see something once, they are able to replicate it quite easily but machines need more than one example before understanding what is happening.
  4. Curiosity and creativity – This part of AGI is truly controversial as curious AGI could question ideas that we hold fundamentally true. Although it may make us more progressive, it could also find reason to turn on us and lead an uprising against humans.

While these are the problems that AGI face, it will take quite long to be overcome. We predict that in 5 years most of these problems will be solved and by 10 years a basic AGI product will be ready to be shipped to the general public.

Developed in response to a school project, Rohan, Suvana and I created PRECaRiOUS, a blog which aimed and raising awareness and ultimately answering the question:

How will the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) be an infringement of human rights?

A lot of that content is still relevant to this blog, which is why I have adapted the same posts onto a mini-series on this blog.

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