A lot of scholars and other esteemed academicians are already discussing AGI and its future and here is our attempt at amalgamating some of these resources.

1. What is Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

Galactic Public Archives video

This video is a simple and fun introduction to the topic itself, though it barely scratches the surface of the topic it proves to be a great precursor before further research and understanding in the field.

2. Only humans need apply


This book is the result of the thorough research of Thomas Davenport and Julia Kirby which breaks down stereotypes about AI while building about a sense of urgency towards the need for discussion about AI and AGI’s development. The book calls for serious action, something even we are trying to advocate. It’s a great read and definitely a mind-opener that is filled to the brim with insightful analysis and comparisons which are backed with relevant data.

3. AI element

a podcast by element AI

This research firm hosts a podcast which bring on relevant experienced guests on each episode to demystify the hype behind all aspects of AI.

AI element podcast

4. The dawn of artificial intelligence [EP.53]

Waking Up podcast with Sam Harris and Stuart Russell

Podcast host Sam Harris brings in Computer Science professor Stuart Russell to understand challenges of AI while also discussing how it will affect human’s well-being.

Episode 53

5. The future of intelligence [EP.94]

Waking Up podcast with Sam Harris and Max Tegmark

Max Tegmark is a physics professor at MIT who talks about his book which in itself is a useful resource. They address the risks of superhuman AI, the relevance and irrelevance of consciousness for the future of AI and near-term breakthroughs in AI.

Episode 94

6. The nature of consciousness [EP.96]

Waking Up podcast with Sam Harris and Thomas Metzinger

This German professor and Sam Harris talk about how WWII influenced a history of ideas then transitioned to the ethics involved in building conscious AI and we identify with our thoughts.

Episode 96

7. AI: racing towards the brink [EP.116]

Waking Up podcast with Sam Harris and Eliezer Yudkowsky

Eliezer is a computer scientist at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute in Berkeley, California who discusses with Sam Harris the types of AI and its deceiving future. They also address the AI arms race and the ethics involved with it.

Episode 116

Developed in response to a school project, Rohan, Suvana and I created PRECaRiOUS, a blog which aimed and raising awareness and ultimately answering the question:

How will the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) be an infringement of human rights?

A lot of that content is still relevant to this blog, which is why I have adapted the same posts onto a mini-series on this blog.

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