While Artificial General Intelligence has great potential, the field is still vastly undiscovered due to a plethora of reasons. Firstly, it lacks enough skilled personnel but this will soon change as the current wave of people are gearing up for jobs in this sector.   This field also sees limited funding, with the greatest amount beingContinue reading “LIMITATIONS OF AGI”


What kind of AGI-based products do you see coming into the healthcare IT industry? Adopting AGI systems in healthcare will take longer time than other domains / industries. It is due to complexity and sensitivity. AGI systems in healthcare would predominantly used in aiding to make decisions rather than making automatic decisions. I see threeContinue reading “EXPERT TESTIMONY”

AGI: Utopian Fantasy or Terminator Reality?

As of today, humans are Earth’s smartest species but in a few years experts predict that this tide will change. Humans will pave way for intelligent AI and AGI which will soon put our top position at risk. Not only will these machines take away our worthless position in the leaderboard but it will replace jobs too as they can do it quicker, better and cheaper.