Getting your hands dirty

In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.

I read the above quote by Albert Einstein and I realised that if I needed to make this blog more memorable it needs to be more immersive. So here are a list of some resources that I think are great if you’re looking to dip your toes into these topics.

Deep Dive reads

Here are so comprehensive pieces that leave no stones unturned. Covering a variety of topics, these resources do a great job at covering every caveat while still conveying the essence of a topic successfully.

  • Quantum computing: This is a new type of book intended to give you a memorable introduction to quantum computing and quantum mechanics.
  • Bitcoin: This book is for developers and non-programmers alike. It aims to give you a great understanding of bitcoin.
  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to Compression: A beginner’s guide to lossless data compression.
  • Brain Computer Interface: The big picture about incorporating a computer interface with your brain.
  • Big O notation: Brilliantly covers the concept of algorithm efficiency.
  • Machine Learning: A tutorial filled with working code that avoids the dry math-heavy background that makes machine learning intimidating.
  • Apple Lightning Interface: A thorough guide to the iOS digital interface Lightning which has been on Apple devices since late 2012.

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Try it yourself

There’s nothing like seeing it for yourself so here are some interactive tutorials and walkthroughs that, at the very least, are engaging. Digging deeper you are sure to get a peek under the hood of algorithms that power many day-to-day apps you know all too well.

  • Math to code: an interactive Python tutorial to teach you how to read and implement math using the NumPy library.
  • Random “word” generator: Using Machine learning to create a word that doesn’t exist…yet.
  • Game Design: Entry-level course meant to teach the fundamental elements of game design using a framework and interactive workshops.
  • Web Development: Tutorial on Python 3 client-side web programming.
  • Space ISS simulator: This mimics the actual interface used by NASA astronauts to manually pilot the SpaceX Dragon 2 vehicle.

Unleash Delegate your inner Picasso

Designing anything can be a tough process, at least for me it is so here are some resources that basically do it for you.

  • No Design needed: One stop resource for everything design related, you won’t have to dabble with your artistic side anymore.
  • Keyframes: CSS transitions and some other tricks.
  • Beautifying data visualisation
  • Some CSS tips and tricks

One stop

Comprehensive resources are great because it caters to readers with varying background experience and knowledge. So here are some of those comprehensive resources:

  • Substrate – This blockchain framework enables you to create custom and pre-built components of blockchain.
  • Deep Learning: This repository shares some useful notes and references about deploying deep learning-based models in production.
  • Lidar data sets: This large-scale dataset powered by full sensor suit of a real self-driving-cars enables researchers to study challenging urban driving situations.
  • PizzaPokerGuy GitHub repository: This repo is as comprehensive as the name sounds. Quite truly the one-stop shop to everything computer science related, with links to a well-researched list of useful books, algorithms, hackathons, courses, careers and more. Even for a more passive learner there is a list of relevant YouTube channels, podcasts and blogs.

happy tinkering 🙂